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The scorch trials

By James dashner


Mutated Virus that the effect the whole planet killing billions of people. In the story they use the children to make the antidote and the children where tryed like livestock. In my story the soltion would be solved by make shrinking technology. They would use the shrink technology to shrink the people and thier gear to fight the virus on a nano scale infected persons.

Down in the dumps

I would get ride of Teresa from the story.Because she compermised the resisted to come up with a better cure and to safe the children and the resdt of the world.

fab five faves

She spoke to him before the world fell apart.

we he was sleeping he was in the middle of a dream.

A voice in his head.

He had no concept of time while in that state.

the world seemed to fade away

best seller

So thier a soler flare in the futre and mutated a virus and people get infected and start to die slowly and painfuly.thomas ans his freinds get taken by wicked and are going to be use for a cure so they run away, their only hope is to fine the resistance and get protection.and along the way they have to fight to stay aliveand run from wicked.

face to face


Do u wish u had your memory back.

Do you hate Teresa


Reader's Response Journal

1.Heated by magma deep below and insulated by thick walls, the watery womb remained virtually unchanged, allowing crystals to grow to immense proportions.

Response - It's amazing how it remained virtually unchanged for many years.

2.My lungs want to refuse it.

Response - sounds painful trying to breathe the air in.

3.selenite is translucent and soft, easily scratched by boot heels, even fingernails.

Response - I didn't know I could scratch a rock with my fingernails.

4.I remove the mask for a moment and suck in wet, hot air.

Response - It sounds gross and uncomfortable.

5.Preparing to enter the cave is like gearing up for a space walk.

Response - How will he know what a space walk is like?

6.Despite the ice suits, the heat and humidity are oppressive.

Response - That's some serious heat!

7.Badino proceeds slowly, careful not to damage the crystals, which are made of selenite, form of the common mineral gypsum.

Response - I am glad that he was careful not to break or scratch the crystals because they are one of a kind.

8.the crystals could also be threatened by lack of water.

Response - Maybe they should fill the cave back up with water to protect the crystals., in the cave, a team of scientists and explorers is conducting research and working on the documentary.

Response - Hey, I am reading it!

10. his preliminary research suggest the largest of the crystals are about 600,000 years old.

Response - How does he know that?

11.nothing compares with the giants found in cueva de los cristales, or cave of the crystals.

Response - I hope one day that I can go see these crystals. take 20 minutes to get to the cave entrance by van through a winding mine shaft.

Response - How long will it take by foot?

13.within the cave itself, the temperature leaps to 112 degrees Fahrenheit with 90 to100 percent humidity.

Response - That's very uncomfortable.

14. I pull on a vest with more then a dozen palm size ice packs sewn into pocket across the chest and back.

Response - Sounds miserable, cold. It doesn't sound very comfortable.

15. in their architecture crystals embody law and order, stacks of molecules assemble according to rigid rules.

Response - It sounds remarkable.

16.By examining bubble of liquid trapped inside the crystal, Garcia and his colleagues pieced together the story of the crystals growth.

Response - How did they come up with a way to know how the crystal grows by looking at the crystal's structure?

17. Crystals can also be threatened by the lack of water.

Response - Why did they drain the cave in the first place?

18. As the magma cooled, water temperature inside the cave eventually stabilized at about 136 degrees Fahrenheit.

Response - Where did the magma come from?

19. The grains appear to be 30,000 years old and it suggests that this part of Mexico was once covered, not by desert, but by forest.

Response - How do they get all of that information from the grains in the crystal?

20. I imagine miner, dripping and all alone, in the smothering silence, his weak headlamp bouncing with each saw stroke.

Response - Why would somebody try to cut the crystal with a saw?

21. Collectors might pay tens of thousands of dollars for a crystal from the cave.

Response - That's a lot of money for some fragile crystals.

22. Whoever he was, he quit before he could sever the crystal, and mine owners later installed a heavy steel door to deter looters.

Response - The people could just pull the door off with dynamite.

23. The crystals could also be threatened by the lack of water.

Response - Why is that the crystals are threatened by water?

24. Now that with the cave empty, they may, over time bend or crack under their own weight and become dull.

Response - That's very sad. I want to go see them before they break.

25. In some of them, tiny bubbles of suspended fluid, the kind Garcia studied, sparkled in our lights.

Response - It probably looks like stars at night inside a cave.

Thematically Speaking

The crystals are extraordinary anomalies of nature. People are trying to preserve these magnificent works of art.

B sides

Youtube video, 45 minutes in length



Best Seller

Some random miners in Mexico, in a lead and silver mine were mining for silver and slowly let water drain out of one of the caves they were going to mine next. Unknowingly, they revealed these gigantic crystal structures made of selenite. Abuzz in the science community stirred up everyone to the caves of Naica where the scientists were astounded by what they saw. They marveled in the glory of these giant crystals! They are trying to figure out a way to preserve these giant crystals before they deteriorate and protect them from looters who would try to sell them. I liked this article because I am interested in science and these rare occurrences were hidden from human eyes for millions of years. The type of person who would like this article would be someone who is interested in someone who is interested in the amazing works of nature.