What I Learned at Prairie IT

As a Marketing Intern


Working at Prairie IT has really taught me to challenge my initial view on things. While comparing, be sure to look at it from both sides. This helped out when I was researching competitiors and comparing them to each other and to us. It also came to play while deciding upon a printer.

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How Does this Help with Jobs in the Future?

Being an intern has given me things to look for in future jobs. Days went by fast when I was having fun. I like to have a variety of different things to work on, and enjoy having brainstorming sessions. Learning new marketing techniques from someone giving examples makes it more interesting to me, and makes me still remember it (FUD stands for Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt). It's always a good idea to have a plan before you attack a project. For example, having an outline for a PowerPoint or having a written schedule of tasks that need to be accomplished. This helps me to stay focused. I've also learned how business meetings are conducted by sitting in on a marketing meeting.