By Abby Horn

Mountains of Fire

A volcano is a type of landform that is usally a mountian. A volcano is a mountian that opens downwards. It has magma at the bottom. Magma is a hot liquid inside a volcano. Lava is liguid rock (magma). Fresh lava ranges from 1,300 to 2,200 degrees(f). There are about 1,510 active volcanoes. We currently know that 80 or more are under water!!!


There are 3 types of volcanoes: #1 shield, #2 composite , #3 cinder cone



Beautiful But Dangerous

Volcanoes can be beautiful but can also be terrible. When you hear or see a volcano erupting, watch out!!!! Some advice is that when you hear a volcano erupt, grab your belongings, take your siblings, and RUN!!! Also, if you live in a place that has volcanoes, spray your grass, dirt and front yard daily!