Weekly Update 3/20

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring is finally here..... well not quite today, but hopefully tomorrow will be warmer! :-)

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What did we do this week??? AND What are we doing NEXT week?


Freshmen and Sophomore students completed the PARCC test! A job well-done to all of the students who participated in this test!!!


We started the week learning about DNA, completing a few activities and taking some good notes from what we have done in class.

We completed a science lab today (Friday) where we extracted DNA from strawberries. We used our new science equipment that the program received this week..... super exciting!!! We made our own extraction buffer to use for the experiment and the result was very interesting. We found that once we added certain materials to the test tube, you could clearly see the DNA form. We then took a strand of the DNA onto a wooden skewer to examine and then observed it from our NEW microscope!!! The class found it very "intriguing" as they focused in on the microscope to observes the two DNA slides.

***Students enjoyed the leftover strawberries as a nice reward for their hard work!!! Great job this week to all of my kiddos!!! :-)

Next week, we will starting with the topic of protein synthesis, the first lesson titled "DNA Speaks to Me". Continue to look our for homework/classwork assignments on Google classroom and the classroom website for current postings.

English/Academic Literacy:

We finished reading chapter 4 of "The Great Gatsby" and completed the comprehension and analysis questions that followed. Students took the chapter 4 quiz today (Friday) after successfully completing the study guide for the quiz. We will get started with chapter 5 on Monday.


Students are continuing to work on their projects that are due on MARCH 31st!! The 2 page report and poster should be ready to be turned in by the due date! Email me with questions! Posters and supplies are in the classroom when you are ready to get started with them.

As a class we completed The Roaring Twenties notes from the PowerPoint presentation. At this point they should have a full packet of notes and pictures from topics and peoples of the 20's. Students will be completing a few more supplementary activities for the unit over the week and will soon be given the study guide for the test. The date of the test will be given as soon as I have a better idea of the exact timing of it. I will keep you posted as new tasks come up.

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*Spring Events for the School.... CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!!!*

Coventry Student Transition Event

Still accepting students to come to the student event on April 10th at Coventry High School. I currently have four students from our class coming!!! Wooo!!!! Email me if you are interested.

Thanks :)

https://docs.google.com/a/westwarwickpublicschools.com/file/d/0Bxac2QKQEf4oWGV3dGtmQjhUUWt4Mkl0X3FtaFlSYlcyTjNv/edit (click on the link to see the flyer!)

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, March 25th, 4-6:30pm

1 Webster Knight Drive

West Warwick, RI

Make sure to email me if you would like to meet for parent teacher conferences. If you would like to meet with an elective teacher, please let me know as well!! The requests needs to be emailed to me by Monday morning, at the absolute latest in order to accommodate all schedules.
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Letter from superintendent regarding make-up snow days


Starting on May 19th -June 12th

Regular Bell Schedule - Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Block TIME

1 7:30 – 8:31 + 3 minutes

2 8:35 – 9:34 + 3 minutes

3 9:38 – 10:37 + 3 minutes

4 10:42 – 12:16

Lunch 1: 10:42 – 11:04

Lunch 2: 11:06 – 11:28

Lunch 3: 11:30 – 11:52

Lunch 4: 11:54 – 12:16

5 12:20 – 1:08 + 3 minutes

6 1:12 – 2:00 + 3 minutes

Advisory Bell Schedule -Tuesdays & Fridays

Block Time

1 7:30 – 8:21 +3 minutes

2 8:24 – 9:15 +3 minutes

3 9:18 – 10:09 +3 minutes

Advisory 10:12 – 10:38

4 10:42 – 12:16

Lunch 1: 10:42 – 11:04

Lunch 2: 11:06 – 11:28

Lunch 3: 11:30 – 11:52

Lunch 4: 11:54 – 12:16

5 12:20 – 1:08 +3 minutes

6 1:12 - 2:00 +3 minutes

******March 25th is a FULL DAY of SCHOOL!!!!!

**Last day of school is now June 19th (half-day)

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Such a great video..... LOVE HAS NO LABELS! <3

Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels