Hope Valley School News

April 29, 2016

Calendar of Events

May 2016

May 2 - Grade 1 field trip

May 4 – Grade K assesmbly - zoo in classrooms

May 9 – Site Council

May 9 – PTO 6:30 > Library

May 10 – Bank Day 8:20 gym

May 17 – School Store

May 19 – Early Release > PM Pre K attends

May 24 – Bank Day 8:20 gym

May 25 – Grade 4 to CMS orientation

May 26 – Spring Photos (More information below)

May 27 – Grade 3 field trip

May 29 - Memorial Day Parade (information below)

May 30 – Memorial Day Holiday > No School

May 31 – School Store

June 2016

June 2 – Grade 2 mystic field trip

June 3 – Grade 4 state house field trip

June 6 - Grade K kettle pond field trip

June 7 – Field day

June 10 – 4th Grade Send Off


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Family Science Expo...Tomorrow!!!

Save the date for some hands-on family fun investigating science! Saturday April 30th URI’s GEMS-Net project is hosting a Family Science Expo at the Ryan Center on the University of Rhode Island's Kingston campus from 10 AM to 2 PM. GEMS-Net partners with our schools, and others around the state, to help teachers bring cutting edge science education to all classrooms. Dig in with hands-on investigations from our kindergarten through 8th grade science curriculum. Let your children lead the way- teaching you what they know and exploring what’s to come! Visit the inflatable planetarium, get up close to hissing cockroaches, design and build the tallest tower and connect with URI students to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) majors offered at URI. The Family Science Expo offers free admission and parking, and concessions will be open. We hope you'll save the date to explore with us! See flyer below.

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New School Update Information

Teacher of the Month

For the third time in a row, Hope Valley School has a Teacher of the Month! Congratulations Mrs. Maryann Mello for receiving last months Employee of the Month award. Mrs. Mello is certainly a teacher well deserving of the award!!!!! She was nominated for the amazing work she has been doing with the districts blended learning initiative.

Blended Learning in Mrs. Zonfrilli's Class

See below of pictures of Mrs. Zonfrilli's class exercising blended learning. Just awesome to see what Mrs. Z has been able to do for her children with the district's blended learning initiative.

Rejuvenation At Its Best!

The Anderson family surprised Mrs. Ricci over April vacation by giving Mrs. Ricci's desk a major face lift. Wait until you see the pictures below. Just amazing. Mrs. Ricci was joyfully surprised and amazed that the desk they brought back was her desk. Thank you so much to the entire Anderson family as this was a team project. This was a thank you to Mrs. Ricci who taught all three of the Anderson boys. Here is a quote from Mrs. Anderson: "A teacher making a impact on one child is great but on all 3 of my boys is just awesome." Way to go Mrs. Ricci!!!!!!!

Teacher Appreciation Week

We have 2 Crystal Apple awards that will be given to a classroom teacher and a specialist teacher.

Reading Week

I want to take a minute to thank the PTO for the use of the popcorn machine and supplies. Also, a very big thanks to the volunteers Lauren Coggeshall, Leah Sousa, Caleb Grant and his mother in law Marilyn Grant for helping out throughout the day on Friday. It was a great week and fro day was such a nice way to end reading week. Great Job Mrs. Pastore and Mrs. Ward as well for taking the lead on reading week.

Spanish update

Sra. Carpenter and Sra. Abbott's Kindergarteners recently filmed a video on the body parts in Spanish. Each student had the opportunity to narrate a section and/or to appear in a section of the video. The students put a lot of time and effort into creating it and they showed a lot of patience and teamwork. We also learned a lot from the process of making the video and we hope to make another one that will be even better and longer! You can check out the video using this link. https://youtu.be/kgbdiVjoNGA

Also, see picture below of Rachel Williams honored last night at the RI Foreign Language conference for her World Language poster.

Spring Pictures

Mark your calendar! Picture Day is coming [Thursday, May 26, 2016]. Look for more information on your child's Picture Day Flyer/Order Form or visit mylifetouch.com to place your order using job # PC405459Q0. Online orders must be placed prior to picture day. For Customer Support, please call 401-828-5220.

Kids Reading Across RI Kicks Off with Roller Girl on May 7th!

Join author Victoria Jamieson and RI public libraries at the State House

Kids Reading Across Rhode Island Kick-Off

Saturday, May 7 from 2:00-4:00pm at the RI State House

Free parking in the state of RI lots

Kids Reading Across Rhode Island, the 'one book, one state' initiative for students in grades 3-6, kicks off its 7th year with the 2016 Newbery Honor winning book, Roller Girl by Rhode Island School of Design graduate Victoria Jamieson. Grammy Award winning storyteller and author, Bill Harley, is the 2016 Chair of Kids Reading Across Rhode Island.

The May 7th kick-off event will feature author Victoria Jamieson at the State House and includes activities and games presented by Rhode Island libraries and community organizations. Every family in attendance receives a free copy of the book (while supplies last).

High School BINGO Night

The Class of 2019 is hosting a Bingo Night on Friday, May 6 from 6-8pm in the High School Cafeteria. See flyer below.

Memorial Day Parade

I hope that the children and families in the Hope Valley School community will consider being a part of the Memorial Day Parade!! I met with Mrs. Stephanie Reynolds this week who is one of the event planners for this wonderful parade. This is an excerpt from an email Mrs. Reynolds sent me which I wanted to share with all of you: "I am very passionate about the success of the parade, which combines the most important things, our community, our children, and of course our military. After all our children are our future and some of them just may be future military members. It's so important that they know that we enjoy our freedoms because of the sacrifices our military men and women make, and that sadly sometimes some of them don't make it home and for those that do, often they are still forever changed from the men and women who first left to serve our country. So this is our way of saying to those who sadly didn't come home & and their families "We Honor and Thank You." It's for them I do what I do for the American Legion and for Our Memorial Day Parade. And so from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your time and look forward to having our school children join us in the parade this year." So, with that said, I encourage you to join in on this amazing day. Please contact Mrs. Reynolds at steph_reynolds12@yahoo.com if you have questions or want to help out in any way. See the flyer below.

PARCC Update

State assessments provide us information to measure the effectiveness of our curriculum and programs, and identify areas where students may need extra support. We share the results of these assessments with you in order to provide information about your child’s progress in school and towards being on the road to college and career readiness.

Like last year year, we will once again administer PARCC (or Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) assessments in mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA)/literacy.

At our school, PARCC testing will be administered on the computer beginning the end of April (see schedule below). All students in grades 3 and 4 will participate in tests that will include reading, writing, and math. There will be 4 sessions in math and 3 sessions in ELA. Our state science assessment will not change this year. All students in grade 4 will continue to take the paper based NECAP Science assessments in May, as in previous years.

Grade 3 will be testing at the same time since have have small sections of students in this grade level. Grade 4 students will be scheduled individually in order to accommodate computer-based testing requirements. On many days, we will have two different testing sessions on the same day, one around 9:15 AM, and the other around 12:15 PM. Specific classroom testing information is provided below.

Children are allowed to bring personal ear buds (or other type of headphone) for the ELA portion of the tests. There is a media component of the ELA test, and having a personal set of ear buds might increase the comfort level for your child. However, the school has ear buds for students if needed.

We appreciate your support in making sure your child:

* Has a good night’s sleep;

* Has a hearty breakfast;

* Attends schools; and

* Arrives to school on time.

Also, and most importantly, please do your best NOT to schedule any appointments when your child's class is testing. We have a limited window of days to complete the test.

Thank you for your continued involvement in and support of your child’s education.

PARCC schedule for grades 3 and 4 students

4R ELA (by reading class) - May 2, 3, 4

4F ELA (by reading class) - May 4, 5, 6

Grade 3 ELA (by homeroom) - May 2, 3, 4

Grade 3 MATH (by homeroom) - May 9, 10, 12

Grade 4 Science NECAP (by homeroom) - May 10, 11, 12

PARCC Resources

PARCC is approaching rather quickly. Please follow the link for PARCC parent resources: http://www.parcconline.org/resources/parent-resources


Here is a great YouTube Video on what parents need to know about PARCC:


American History Tid-Bit by Mrs. Foggo

Today is Arbor Day! Arbor Day is celebrated annually. It promotes the role of trees and their care. This year all fourth graders were given a tree to plant at home. Mrs. Foggo wrote a proposal to the Arbor Day Foundation, in Nebraska, and the trees were generously paid for locally by Kim Kelley of Allstate Insurance, located at 6 Kingstown Road in Richmond. A formal Arbor Day holiday was first celebrated in Nebraska in 1872. It was not until 1920 that 45 states joined in. For many years Arbor Day used to be celebrated on April 22nd. Today National Arbor Day is observed in all 50 states and in some US territories on the last Friday in April. This date was chosen because it is appropriate for tree planting in their respective regions. The history question, if you decide to participate, is as follows: Who is the Founder of Arbor Day? You need to provide the man's full name (3 words), it must be spelled correctly, and it needs to be handed in by Wednesday May 4th at 9:00 AM. Drop your answer in the red History Box that is located on the table by the office. Make sure you include your full name and homeroom on your answer sheet. This question is open to grades K-3 only.

Out with the old....

In with the New!!!! What a difference!

Mrs. Zonfrilli's Class utilizing 21st century technology

Rachel Williams Honored for her World Language Poster - Congratulations!

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High School BINGO Night

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Memorial Day Parade Information

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Other Key Information


As all of you know the parking situation at Hope Valley School is not a good one. I have always urged you all to either park at the church, in front of the school by the stairs, or along Langworthy Field. I was informed at the last PTO meeting that we are taking up parking spots at the church especially when our pre-school and Woodriver Pre-school dismiss at 11:15ish. If you can avoid parking at the church especially between 11:00-11:30 that would be fantastic. Instead, feel free to park along Thelma Dr where parents wait in the AM for the buses to leave the property. You could drive passed the school like you would go to the American Legion and turn around and park along Thelma Drive before the stop sign. I am working on a long time solution to this problem for pre-school.

Assessment Policy

At the October 27th School Committee meeting a new policy dealing with our Comprehensive Assessment System was approved. The policy details the roll of assessment in the instructional cycle. It also speaks to the need to minimize and strategically use assessment results. Finally, the policy communicates the expectation that all students participate in all assessments (including state assessments), unless a medical waiver has been obtained. You will find the policy at http://www.chariho.k12.ri.us/sites/default/files/policy/comprehensive_assessment_system.pdf.

Twitter and Webpage

Please follow me on Twitter for school updates and events @JoeGencarelli1. Please do not forget the number 1. Also, you will be able to find a ton of information on the Hope Valley webpage at www.chariho.k12.ri.us/hv.

Dismissal/Pick-Up Notes

We are going to try a new routine this year. Please use the dismissal/pick-up note that came home with your student this week. Keep the extras around for future use. Fill it out accordingly and return it to school. You can find the dismissal note on the Hope Valley webpage if you need to make additional copies. You can find this at: www.chariho.k12.ri.us/sites/default/files/hv_student_dismissal_note_3_per_page.pdf

Peanut Free Classrooms

ALL classrooms are designated as nut & peanut-free. We have multiple students at varying grade levels with severe allergies to peanuts. Foods that “contain,” “may contain,” or are “manufactured on shared equipment” will not be permitted as snacks. However, students may bring in a lunch that contains peanuts or nuts.

Background Check

All volunteers in the Chariho School District must have an annual background check prior to volunteering. There is no cost for this. Please go to the Central Office with a picture ID and fill out a volunteer form. It takes a few weeks to return. Or you can go to the Attorney General’s Office in Providence and get it done right there and then.


There are 2 options to pay for lunch:

  1. There is a website where you can pay for and keep track of your child's lunch account. The site is www.myschoolbucks.com. You will need your child's school code, which you can get by contacting Fran Sayer at sayer-frances@aramark.com or (401) 552-7078. Please visit http://www.chariho.k12.ri.us/MyNutriKidsInfo for more information. There is also an app for your smartphone or tablet. You can pay for meals, check balances, and view purchases from anywhere. It is safe and secure.
  2. If the student is paying with cash or check when buying hot lunch, please send lunch money to school in an envelope or Ziploc bag with the student’s name, teachers name (i.e. KA, 1H, 2D, 3F, 4R). This will be placed in a classroom bucket and brought to the office. Checks can be made out to the “Chariho Regional School District.”

If you need further information, please contact Fran Sayer at sayer-frances@aramark.com or (401) 552-7078. Chariho is keeping accounts accurately updated and I wanted to send a courtesy memo to keep you informed.

Attendance Matters!

Our goal this year is to ensure that every student attends school regularly and on-time. I cannot stress this enough. Showing up for school has a huge impact on a student’s academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Even as children grow older and more independent, families play a key role in making sure students get to school safely every day and on-time. Attendance is so important for success in school and in life. We realize some absences are unavoidable due to health problems or other circumstances. But, we also know that when students miss too much school or are tardy often (regardless of the reason) can cause them to fall behind academically. Your child is less likely to succeed if he or she is chronically absent or tardy—which means missing 18 or more days over the course of an entire school year. Chariho policy states that tardies and early dismissals count towards your child’s attendance. Research shows:

  • Children chronically absent in kindergarten and 1st grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade.
  • By 6th grade, chronic absence is a proven early warning sign for students at risk for dropping out of school.
  • By 9th grade good attendance can predict graduation rates even better than 8th grade test scores.

Absences and tardies can add up quickly. A child is chronically absent if he or she misses just two days every month!!

Child Outreach Screenings

Child Outreach is a FREE Service offered to ALL Children 3 to 5 years old by your local school district in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education. Rhode Island Department of Education recommends each child be screened annually.

Chariho Child Outreach has the following Screening dates available

Please call to set up your appointment at 401-364-1160

March 16, 2016

** March 24, 2016

April 5, 2016

**April 7, 2016

April 13, 2016

May 26, 2016

June 1, 2016

** Evening Screening

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hope Valley Elementary School is to work in partnership with our colleagues, students and families. We are committed to creating a learning environment where children are expected to achieve their full potential.