1ère semaine- Mme Hansbrough

Le 23 janvier- le 27 janvier

Unit 1- Bonjour

Semaine 1

Assignments are due by vendredi le 27 janvier.

1. Save and print this calendar

2. Go to “modules” and click on the “Welcome to French 1” and “Canvas Getting Started Unit” modules.

3. Academic Integrity Quiz

4. Bonjour, Discussion 1B

5. Bonjour, Writing 1F

6. Bonjour, Section 1 Quiz

7. Bonjour, Speaking 2B

8. Bonjour, Section 2 Quiz

Contact your Teacher via text, Canvas message, or phone call.

Les RLC sessions

Claire Driscoll Bonjour Jan. 25 @ 11:30am

Mary Hansbrough Bonjour Jan 25 @2pm

Karen MillerGS/ Bonjour Jan 26 @ 7:30pm

Nicole Swanson BonjourJanuary 25 @ 10 a.m.

Erin Tyson Unit 1Jan. 23 @ 4:30pm

Link to Departmental Newsletter

For even more information about the course, here is a link to the departmental newsletter:


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No online translators

Translators are not permitted in the course. Please only use the vocabulary and grammar we are studying!!! A violation of this will result in a zero on the assignment!! Keep it simple, using only what you are learning!!

Les nouvelles (the news)

Student Survey

Each student is asked to fill out a Survey which gives me important information about you. I will post the link to that survey on the course homepage. I will post my own survey which will give you some information about me.