Food: A Series of Local Events

You are invited! September - November 2013

Showing of A Place at the Table

Friday, Oct. 25th, 6pm

116 Obrien Avenue

Machias, ME

Free and open to the public. Donations for county food pantries welcomed! Come see A Place at the Table. If you didn't realize the extent of hunger in the US, you will after this documentary. (Trailer link below.)

Three Fall Panel Discussions

The panel topics for this Fall's Food & Community series are: Farm raised fish, Genetically Modified Organisms, and local food production and distribution vs the industrial model. We are working on times and date.

A Big Thank You for Donations to Washington County Public Libraries

I contacted the authors of each of the books for the Food & Community Fall Book Club, and Melanie Warner, author of Pandora's Lunchbox, responded within a day. The publisher, Simon & Schuster is donating copies of Pandora's Lunchbox to 13 public/free libraries in Washington County! Jonathan Bloom also responded, so our local libraries will received a copy of American Wasteland too! Thank you!!

Book Club on Food! - September, October, November 2013

Are you interested in hosting a book club for fall or joining a book club? Looking for Washington County restaurants, libraries and community centers that are interested in hosting a book club for people from Sept to Nov. We will be reading the books listed below, and inviting community members to a once a month food-related event at University of Maine at Machias! Please contact Meghan Duff at if you are interested or have any questions. If you are library staff and would like to get a copy of these books, please let me know. I'm going to see if that is possible. Thanks!

Finding a Book Group to Join

Some sites in the county have already agreed to host a Food & Community book group. For instance, if you live near Machias Whole Life Market will host a book club Wednesdays from 5-6 pm in their cafe. The Cobscook Community Learning Center is also planning to host a book club. And many of the local libraries are willing to support the book club as well.

You are also welcome to join our Sociology class on Fridays from 12:30-1:15 at UMM. For more information, please contact Meghan Duff at 255 1227 or meghan.duff (at) Also, I'm on Facebook as Meghan Wilson Duff.

Online Book Discussions on Goodreads

Want to participate in the book club, but not sure you can find the time to commit to a weekly group? Try the Goodreads' Food & Community book group. You can follow this link or find the page of the Food & Community Facebook page (top right side below banner).

Fall Events - Book Club & More

From September to December, UMM's Intro Sociology class will be looking at food issues and food systems from a sociological perspective. We will be reading Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, Melanie Warner's Pandora's Lunchbox, and Jonathan Bloom's American Wasteland. We will also be hosting a showing of A Place at The Table, which is a documentary on food insecurity in the US.
How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal

Depression & the Dust Bowl vs Today

What shapes the different generations attitudes toward food and eating habits?

Is the chicken local?

Portlandia Sketch "Is This Chicken Local?"

What would this sort of parody sound like if it took place in a fast food restaurant? What if customers were this concerned about the conditions of their food and the ingredients?