How to kill Aunt Elda

see if you can tell how aunt Elda died

anesthesia it could be a big help or a big problem

anesthesia i something they use in a doctors or dentists office to help keep the patient clam. But a little to much anesthesia can be a big problem if you have too much. your body and only take about 40% pure anesthesia

what happened to aunt Elda

Your aunt Elda went into surgery and went under and never got up again we want to see if she had gotten too much anesthesia

some of the equiqment you will be using

you do not need any safety gear for this experiment


your are going to get a curvettes full of every solution that you will be testing. then once that's done you will be putting each one into the tool that measures percent sunlight one at a time. And you should be recording everything in your computer will testing. once done testing all of the solutions you test aunt eldas solution and see if she had died because she had too much anesthesia.


What have you learned?

did Aunt Elda get too much anesthesia?

Did i get an a for this flyer? (your answer is already yes so don't lie)