Grade 2A Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 2 Summer Term: 11th - 15th April 2016


Information from the PE department

Upcoming House Swimming Gala - 4th May

Grade 2: 4 Events 25m Freestyle/ 25m Backstroke/25m Breaststroke/ 25m Butterfly

During PE swim lesson the children are selecting 2 of the 4 events on offer.

They are being timed during the lesson for seeding purposes as well as being taught the correct starts and finishes of the different strokes.

Last week saw our Entry Point to the unit, Chocolate. The children had a wonderful time being chocolate testers. They had to try tell the difference between three different types of chocolate. We encouraged powerful vocabulary choices when describing the taste and texture of the pieces.

This week we have been busy learning about the cacao tree and recapping how to use geographical sources to find information. We used maps, pictures, videos and books to work out the countries where the cacao tree is grown. We also drew the cacao trees that are growing in the school garden.

Next week we continue to use geographical resources to research chocolate. This time we will be trying to understand where chocolate is made. We then move on to examine Morality through the idea of 'cash crop' farming. We will be having a guest speaker, one of our wonderful parents, Uma Surana. Uma has a depth of knowledge about the cocoa bean trade and will be sharing this with all grade 2 students. Thank you Uma!

Language Arts

The last two weeks have seen a focus on grammar in Language Arts. We want to improve the quality of the children's sentence structure and expand their vocabulary prior to entering our genre focus on fairy tales.

Last week, we focused on creating compound and complex sentences. The children were asked to make a simple sentence a compound sentence by using a conjunction such as, and, because and but. We also focused on how in a complex sentence the main clause is separated from the subordinate clause with a comma. It was pleasing to see the children really notice how their writing could be improved.

We then moved on to adverbs and frontal adverbials. The children were asked to write passages with sentences which may have started with a fronted adverbial and included an adverb to describe how a verb was carried out. For example, All of a sudden, the girl rapidly ran out of the room. Again, the use of commas was expected of the children.

This week the focus has been apostrophes. We began by noticing apostrophes for contraction, such as in didn't and shouldn't. The children grasped this easily, so were then challenged by knowing when to use you're and your and its and it's. We then moved on to the apostrophe for possession. Again, the children grasped this concept quickly. Proof of their true understanding will come in their independent writing, when we focus on Fairy Tales.

In reading, we are going to shift our focus to fluency next week. As you are aware, it is poetry month at the moment. Every day poems have been delivered to the classroom by a 'mystery' postie. The children have been very enthusiastic each day when a new poem arrived. This is an ideal opportunity for us to use this enthusiasm to practice fluency. The children will be expected to read the poems out loud to one another.

In spelling last week we had a wonderful time reading, 'Silent Letters Loud' and 'Clear by Robin Pulver'. The children really laughed at this fiction story where a letter was written with all the silent letters being omitted. It was a great way to bring spelling such words to life. This week our focus has been ly words, as it fitted with our focus on adverbs for manner from last week.


This week, the children have used their money knowledge from last week and bar model skills to solve problems. Throughout the week, they have had to find total costs, compare prices and work out change involving all four operations.

Next week, the children will begin a new chapter on shape. To begin they will recall the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes. By the end of this week, they will have be taught new vocabulary to describe the properties in more detail and be able to recognise, name, describe and draw new 2D shapes.

Home Learning

All homework is now on our VLE, but usual routines still apply.

Diary Dates

2nd May- May Day Holiday

4th May - Swimming Gala

13th May - Founders' Day - School closes at 12.30