Happy Planet Index Presentation

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Goal of Event

The goal of this event is to create commitment to improving well beings of many people and telling them to be happy. Happiness can easily reflect the productivity and resources that are used. This can then affect the well being of themselves and others.

When Change Comes

We will know change has come when there are less people in the world that think negatively when they work as they will look more on the bright side of things when they work. We will also see more families that are close and spend more valuable time with each other rather than worrying about earning money to feed the family. There can also create a closer world as people become more involved with each other. Citizens will notice things that are outside their own country as they can also affect them. There will also be more generosity in the world as people begin to give instead of keeping to themselves as people tend to feel happier when they give to others. There will also be more knowledgeable people in the world as people will continue to learn new things throughout their entire life. This does not have to be formal learning in schools but something like learning a new recipe or a new sport that you may have never played before. People will also create change in the work places. Workers will ask for better working conditions to make their work places a happier place to be at. If this knowledge is spread around enough the government may begin to notice and start measuring a nation's success through the happiness of their people instead of their productivity and how the economy grows.

An Example of This

Costa Rica is considered the happiest place on earth according to the Happy Planet Index. Costa Rica has a low ecological-footprint, high ratings of happiness and a high rated life expectancy. While the United States had a significantly lower happiness rating, lower life expectancy and has a significantly larger ecological footprint.

Happy Planet Index Event

Friday, Jan. 23rd, 12pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

Discussing about people's well being, happiness and how they can effect resource use and a nation's productivity.

Some Activities That Will Take Place During Event

  1. there will be a activity where two groups from the audience will be given work. One of the groups will be under stress and put in situations where they will be less happy than the other group to compare productivity and well being.
  2. activity where one group will act out the five things (connecting, generosity, taking notice, learning throughout entire life and being active) to better well being and compare their well being and happiness with other group.