Maryland Colony

The Fourth Colony to be Established in Colonial America

This colony was founded by George Calvert, Lord Baltimore and others. This colony is located on the Atlantic Coast. The province of Maryland used to be an English colony from 1633-1776, until one day it rebelled against Great Brittan and joined the 12 other colonies. That is when it became a U.S. state.

The Maryland Colony Made Money From Tobacco...

Maryland had many large tobacco fields. They sold tobacco. These fields had indentured servants to work the fields, then later African slaves worked the fields.

Here are some fun facts about the Maryland Colony!

1.) It was named "Maryland" after Henrietta Maria, queen consort of King Charles I of England.

2.) Maryland is nicknames the "Old line state" and the "Free state".

3.) The Maryland colony was known for it's religion tolerance. Freedom of religion.

4.) There were servants and later African slaves.

Is the Maryland Colony for you?

If you are looking for a place to live where you can freely be your religion of choice, then the Maryland Colony may be for you!

Cecil Calvert

He became the Second Baron of Baltimore at the young age of 26! He inherited his fathers land, which included the Province of Maryland. Cecil left his brother in charge of Maryland for a bit and had left him with the "Instructions to the Colonists by Lord Baltimore", which later became the basis of Marylands laws. He invited many different peoples of different religions to come to Maryland. He set rules in place so that people of different religions could not discriminate against one another. He died in 1675, after governing Maryland for 42 years!