Jack The ripper

Why did he kill?

Who are His victims

Most of his victims where prositutes that would work in the middle of the night or early in the morning. There are five know victiums of Jack. Many people say that he was mad at the people of Withchaple. Others think that he was mad at the goverment and then started killing to creat fear.

Why did he kill?


The murders started in 1888 in the mounth of August. The first victim was a middle age prostitute who was murdered on August 31,1888. Many thought that that was only murder, but soon after anouther middle aged prositute was murdered. This later on made the people of Whitechaple scared.


Most of the murders had major cuts that where in a way that made the murderer look like he had some sort of medical experience.


Many think that the murderer was the local doctor. This made the doctor run out of buissnes. Another theroy was that "Jack" was the local buchter. Others say that he was mad at Wihtecaple becuse of its disgusting population