Kindergarten Newsletter

January 15th

Winter Clothes

We go OUTSIDE EVERY DAY! Snow pants, coats, hats, mitten or gloves are necessary! Please practice zippering coats and tying shoes at home with your child.

Important Dates

Monday, January 18th-NO SCHOOL, MLK Day

Thursday, January 21-There will be a substitute teacher. I will be doing kindergarten assessments with the students. I am looking forward to seeing how much their brains have grown!

Friday, January 22-Happy Birthday Anthony! & Hot chocolate reading party with our 4th grade buddies!

Thursday, January 28-Crestview Family Math Night 5:30-7pm

Word Families & Spelling Test

At was our word family of the week. We will continue to have spelling tests on Fridays to review the word family words of the week along with a few star words. One of the reading strategies for students when they come to a word they don't know is to look for chunks of another word in the tricky word. Studying word families is giving them the opportunity to practicing finding chucks in words and using words they can read already to read unfamiliar words.

Box Tops

Reminder to send in those BoxTops. The contest for the class with the most boxtops is underway. Please send in your boxtops by February 28th!

Star Words

I, see, a, the, is, it, like, am, at, an, and, in, my, look, go, are, on, was, he, she, you, me, by, can, this, for, not, said, will, come, went, up, here, that, play, has, have

A Peak at Next Week

Theme: Animals

Phonics: an word family

Math: representing numbers in different ways

Star words: has, have

Shared Reading: Squirrels

Star of the week: Logan