Arab-Israeli Conflict

By: Pragati Mundhada

What They Are Fighting Over And Why

The Arab/Israeli conflict is mainly over land. The conflict started about 3,000 years ago. The Jews traveled from Africa. They found land in Israel and formed Jerusalem. Later on, the Babylonians conquered the land. The Jews had to fight back to get their land back. The Arabs are trying to keep Jews out of their land.

A Solution

Since the two religions can't cooperate over land, it wouldn't be easy to "share" land. If we give each religion their own land, they would just try to invade each other's land. The religions would have more wars trying to save their land and trying to get more. A solution can be the Jews and Muslims living on the same land. It wouldn't be their own land, it would be some other religion's land. That religion would be ruling them. They couldn't get into wars because they would be risking their own families.