The Newly Wed Game

Thursday Feb. 11, Union @ 8pm

Looking for some great laughs?

Mashed Potato Bar & Mocktails!

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How well do you think you know your roommate? Friends? Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Make a team of 3-5 and come play to win prizes!

How to Play:

Each team will select a member to go up and sit in the hot seat. The members will sit with their backs facing the audience. When the members are seated the announcer will ask a question. Both the team and member will write down their answers without revealing it to each other. If shouting or cheating occurs the team with be disqualified for that round. When each team is done, the announcer will call out each member on stage for their answer one at a time. They will reveal their answer and then the announcer will ask the team to reveal their answer. 5 questions per round, and the winning team will get a prize.

Sponsored by CAB