An Interview With Mrs.Taylor

By: Veronica Presas

Teachers Are Cool!

She has a teaching degree in Biology I! Mrs. Taylor teaches for about 50 to 60 hours just for one week! She has only taught biology. She loves teaching it because its something she loves doing!
She taught only 9th grade in high school. Her classroom looks very welcoming and everything is organized. Sounds peaceful and quite. When she grades with her class it's done very well. Mrs. Taylor is put together and organized with her papers and keeping everything labeled. Makes sure her students understand the material before moving ahead. One of her biggest challenges she deals with as being a teacher is grading papers. One of her biggest rewards is when her students understand the material makes her feel she is making enough since. And loves knowing that when she is teaching a new chapter to make sure every little thing is close to being perfect. For her personal opinion in how much self-motivation is needed for teaching and being a teacher from 1-10 she said between an 8 or 9.