Nutrition and Critically Ill Kids

By Sarah Scales

Article Summary

Stephen Feller wrote an article for United Press International on March 15, 2016 regarding the nutritional needs of critically ill children in ICU. In regards to health, we are taught that nutrition is essential to maintaining health and recovering from critical medical conditions. It is believed that without nutrition, kids cannot get better. So, within 24 hours of admittance into the ICU, children are usually started on nutritional support via IV. However, new research is saying this may not be best. This new research has found that withholding nutrition from children entering the ICU for 7 days has resulted in less infection, less time on mechanical ventilation, and shorter hospital stays when compared to children receiving nutritional support right away through an intravenous line. These findings were consistent for many children with many different medical conditions.

Article Critique

United Press International (UPI) has been reporting news since 1907 and they consider themselves a reliable source of information in many different topics across the world. Stephen Feller, one of UPIs reporters, graduated with a Bachelors degree in journalism in 2003 and has been working as a reporter/editor ever since. He started at UPI in May 2015 covering health information. Feller has limited experience in covering this medical information. His article is based off of a journal study published in March 2016. After reviewing the journal article, I feel as if the news article is fairly accurate. I think that Feller left out some critical information important to his article though. I was curious to see how these critically ill children could go 7 days without receiving any nutrition at all. In the journal article, I found that children were only withheld from macronutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins), not micronutrients (potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.). I feel like this is very important information that should have been included in Feller's article.

Overall I think this article is a good starting place for information. I would recommend that patients and caretakers review the actual study being talked about. I would also recommend that they find additional resources and always discuss their findings with a medical professional before making any decisions from these articles.

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