All Access Pass to the Edify Experience

Welcome to Accessing Edify

This page will guide you through the first steps of using Edify. Here, you will learn how to access your account, the features of your dashboard and how to use the navigation bar to move through the system smoothly. Happy learning!

Accessing Edify
Accessing Edify Interactive Tutorial

This tutorial will allow the learner to read and practice each step involved in accessing Edify.

Accessing Edify Summary

Logging In

  • Enter Edify using your ID and password. If you are a Google school, use the “sign in with Google” button.


  • Notifications: messages between you and students or other teachers, when due dates occur, when assessments are completed

  • Performance Pie Graph: class-wide performance depicting performance on standards completed thus far

  • What’s Due Next: Upcoming assignments due

  • Three Tabs
  1. Courses I’m Teaching: Student-level course
  2. Courses I’m Taking: PD and tutorials
  3. Teacher Templates: Create and adjust lessons or courses

  • Blue Bar (top of screen): Your best friend for basic navigation

  • Dashboard: Gets you back to your dashboard

  • Messages: Receive and send messages

  • Manage: Manage and add resources, lessons, courses, assessments, assessment items, and rubrics

  • Reports: Find standards-based, performance data per course/student

  • My Profile: Your personal flair and information

  • Help: How-to videos and send emails for support

  • Log Out: Exiting Edify