EOC Project Part 2: DUE TODAY!

きんようびーMay 19, 2017

Today's Important Info:


Today your EOC Project part 2 is due! Please be sure to read below for more info on your EOC Project Part 2.

Go through your grades:

Make sure you are working on your missing work and submitting them ASAP from lessons 8-13! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

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EOC Project Part 2 DUE TODAY!!

Please make sure that you have the following before you submit your EOC Project Part 2

Your brochure must include the following:

  1. A title and your name

  2. Cultural tips:
    Write 10 tips, or small pieces of information, based on what you learned in the culture notes and discussion from lessons 1 through 13. Remember the audience for your brochure! What will students need to know when they travel to Japan?

  3. What to eat:
    Write 2 different suggestions on 2 different dishes to eat in Japan. These suggestions should be brief (remember you are writing a brochure, not a book!), about 3-4 sentences about each dish, what they are made of, and why the students should try them.
    One dish should be a わしょく washoku dish, and the other should be a ようしょく youshoku dish. If you don't remember what the difference is, go back and read the culture notes from Lessons 9 and 11.
    2 images to represent your foods.

  4. Where to go:
    Write about 2 different places to go sightseeing in Japan. These can be any 2 locations of your choosing. The descriptions should be brief (remember, it's a brochure, not a book!), about 3-4 sentences on each location.
    2 images to represent your locations.

  5. What to do:
    Write about 2 different events to attend in Japan. They can be any 2 events of your choosing (baseball game, sumo match, festival, Fuji rock concert... etc.). Write 3-4 sentences on each event.
    2 images to represent your chosen events.

  6. Phrasebook:
    Provide these students with 10 basic phrases that you believe are essential to getting around in Japan. Remember, these students don't know Japanese, so they can't read hiragana and katakana! You'll need to write your phrasebook in Romaji (spelling counts!).

  7. Image and text citations
    Remember to cite all of the images and text! Do not copy text word-for-word from the internet or any other source! Make sure to properly cite text and images using the guidelines below.
    You should make your brochure visually appealing by using photos or clipart for illustrations. Please note that unless the images are yours, you must cite the sources. (FYI - "Google Images" is NOT a source, but a search engine. Please see the General Directions page for help citing images.)

This section of your project will be evaluated based on the following rubric: EOC_Project_Rubric_Section2.pdf (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.



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