The Spanish American War

Are you in or not??

The Coming of the War

There were multiple events that impacted the leading of the war but two was that stood out to me was that of the one where we lost 20 members of our crew out at sea, which we now know was due to problems within the ship not that of our ‘’enemies’’. Another is the fact that time after time America wanted to concern themselves with everyone else’s problems but their own and tensions had already been running high. This may have been caused by something called ‘’Yellow Journalism’’ which is basically a simplified but more eye catching way of receiving news to the citizens in America. The fact that the headlines were flooding the newspaper articles and all around was creating even more angry and unstable people than there already was. All it took was for them to read for a second or two then believe they have the whole situation understood, but in reality sometimes did not. Yellow Journalism affected people into believing that we should fight and that these people are bad . The event that pushed us to the frontlines would undoubtedly be the destruction of the USS Maine, this was just too much for both sides and this lead us to the Spanish American War

The Battles of the "Splendid Little War"

The events leading into the Spanish-American war was, first U.S.S. Maine exploding and U.S. getting really angry at Spain and blaming them for it. This is when we declared war on Spain/Cuba. One of the bloodiest battle was San Juan Hill battle. Where the Rough Riders took part in with Theodore Roosevelt. The Rough Riders almost lost this battle but reinforcements came in which were African American cowboys. June 21st 1898 U.S. captures Guam by attack. A lot of the battles were back and forth and each day there was different battles. The reason why America won the battle was because we had strong navy, experienced, and had way more numbers, and equipment.

The Opposition of the War

So there were many people living in America, Cuba, and Spanish that were not to happy about the war! The ones in the U.S. were called Anti- imperialist. They thought that conquering other countries and becoming and empire would cause more problems than having the U.S. be ahead of everyone. From this idea, the Anti- Imperialist American League. Senator Henry Teller was the leader of the league, who made an amendment called the teller amendment to not annex Cuba, but of course that didn't work out because we are 'merica! Although the war was in Cuba, Philippines, and Puerto Rico, the citizens of those places were against the war. There were many people in Cuba after the war who felt betrayed because US decided to take care of Cuban Politics and that main thing that Cubans fought for was their independence. Lots of Spanish were against the War because they wanted to protect their food relationship with America. The Anti- Imperialist method didn't work too well because the War happened anyways and the land that they were against conquering was conquered.