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Were Japanese-Americans really okay with being relocated?

What We Thought

Originally, Everyone thought that Japanese were happy to go to the camps. This photo is of a woman nammed Shinko and her family on their way to the Internment camp. As you can see, the family is similing and dressed really well.This is what the governement made everyone think. That the families were all happy or at least willing to go. Also, they made it seem like the families had money, due to their apareal. They want us to think that they are willing and have wealth so we feel more okay about sending them into internment camps.
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What Really Happend

In reality, people were really sad and unwilling to leave. This photo shows Japanese leaving for the internment camps. None of them are smiling or dressed well. The kid to the very rigth looks very scared about his future to come. This photo wouldn't have been showed to the American people because it shows that the Japanese don't have any money and are not willing or especially not happy to go. That would make people feel bad about sending them to internment camps. So, they made it seem as if the Japanese were happy to go and made them seem like they were leaving with status and wealth. Which makes people feel more okay about sending them away and not question what the government is doing.