beYOUtiful Pieces Newsletter

April 2015

This newsletter is just for ladies who are in our beYOUtiful Pieces team. We will Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward everyone for their hard work! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Email and text is best!

Important Dates

May 11-17th - Purchase the Presale items.

May 16th- Conference price goes up!

May 18th - Registration closes for the Fall Premiere.

June 13th - 10am - Fall Product Premiere

Top in Sales

1. Erica Lanham $979.36

2. Tina Forton $930.50

3. Shana Mullins $881.86

4. Penney Hull $483.77

5. Jennifer Stacey $458.16

Welcome New Consultants

Tina Forton

Look Who Qualified!

(They sold their first $1,000!)

Erica Lanham

Top Dream Builder

Remember to ask all of your Hostess if they would like to Join your Team! Make their party with you their 1st party!

Leadership Incentive Trip

Thank you ladies for helping me earn my very first LIT to Riviera Maya in September!! I am so blessed to have such a great team of women! If you want to be a director, let me know and we will work hard to get you promoted! It took me a little over 2 years to achieve it! You can be sipping cold drinks with me by the pool next year!!! Who's in?!
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Katie Ruschman - Director

Joined: February 2013

Sr. Consultant: November 2014

Director: February 2015

Katie's Monthly Stats
This month's parties: 4

This month's volume: $4,554.59

This month's recruits: 1

Entire Downline Consultants: 11

Entire Downline Sales: $9,447.35