Why are Lawyers important?


Lawyers are very important to everyone who was accused of a crime. Lawyers will find evidence that you are innocent. Without Lawyers in our world many people would be in jail for something they didn't do. Something I love about this job is that I have a good budget. Another thing I love about this job is that I like to help people and like to work in an office. Getting this job is very hard , but its worth it after you realize how many people you have helped.

Training / Education

There is a lot to do to get this job. You need to get a Bachelors Degree, a law degree and a Juris doctor degree. You will also have to work in legal clinics.

PAYMENT and joboutlook

Job Description

Lawyers win a lot of money. Lawyers win $55.69 per hour. A year Lawyers can win up to $115,820 and that's a lot. You can only win all this money if you work really hard. The job outlook on this job is 10% of growth. Some responsibilities we have are that you need to communicate with clients. You also need to advise and represent clients. You need to know how to interpret facts and present facts. If you like filing you will like this part of the job because you will need to file legal documents.


When your a lawyer you work indoors in an office. You need to use a suit and some lawyers work alone and some work in groups.


This career is a very hard working career. You need to know how to work with people and be patient. Sometimes the job may seem tough and might take a while to get to where you want, but if you take your time you will end up loving it.