Forensic Science

The best type of criminology help

What are the main responsibilities of your career?

Collecting Trace Evidence

Recording findings from scenes of crimes or accidents

Analyzing Samples such as hair

Applying various techniques as appropriate

DNA profiling, Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, and the presence of written and verbal evidence in court

What are the advantages of the career?

Helps determine time of death

Alcohol Content in human beings at the time

What are the disadvantages of your career?

Equipment used is expensive

Evidence can’t be accessible 100% of the time

What is Forensic Science?

Being a Forensic Scientist is all about collecting evidence and recording evidence collected from the scene of the crime. You also have to Determine the time of death for the person that died which it’s the easiest part. You can also find the Alcohol Content at the time of death. Disadvantages are horrible because sometimes evidence can’t be accessible. Equipment is also very expensive so it makes it really hard to find out who committed the crime.