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Vacation on a new planet?

Have you or your family ever wanted to go someplace special? To get away from the hustle and bustle of earth? Barbados may be okay for you, but here at Arbo Travel, we really shoot for the stars! For the first time ever, you can go on vacation to a whole new planet! Its name... NEPTUNE! Read this brochure for more info on the planet, what to bring, fun facts and more!!!


The average temperature on Neptune is a staggering - 353 Fahrenheit! Talk about a winter wonderland. Neptune has some of the most amazing storms as well, such as hurricanes and thunderstorms, with wind speeds of up to 750 miles per hour! The cold temperature is due to Neptune being far away from the sun. But Neptune still has seasons like Earth, creating warmer spots on the planet. The atmosphere on the planet is made of hydrogen, helium and methane, giving the atmosphere it's blue color and contributing to the icy weather. Don't forget your jacket!


When I first went to visit Neptune, I was shocked to discover that the planet's surface is made of WATER!! ( Although for your wellbeing and hapiness we have built some islands to stay on ) . Most people think it is made of ice, but the surface is made of water and liquid ammonia. Not only that, but deep down in the depths of the Neptune's surface, the methane in the water and air can turn into diamond crystals! Anyone up for a shopping spree?
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There are many fun activities that can be done while on vacation at Neptune. One of them is deep sea scuba diving! Dive down to the depths of Neptune to see fascinating creatures and collect diamond crystals! Completely safe and fun due to our high tech scuba gear. Another fun activity is storm watching! Watch some of Neptune's craziest storms from the top of our tallest building! You could also take a relaxing cruise while playing fun games on our special heated boats. There are many fun things to do on Neptune!


Neptune and Earth are similar in some ways but completely different in others. For one, Neptune's atmosphere is made of hydrogen, helium and methane, making it impossible for something to live there because all living things need oxygen. ( We have built a creature that can live there though! Learn more about it at the creature presentation ) . Earth's atmosphereon the other hand, is made of mostly nitrogen and oxygen, which combined with the sun, land , and freshwater make it perfect for living things. Also, Neptune has a day and night cycle similar to Earth, a day is only 16 hours and 6 minutes long, while Earth's is 24 hours long. Neptune has a shorter day than Earth because it spins on it's axis faster than Earth does. Compared to Earth, Neptune is gigantic! It is 3.9 times bigger than Earth. You could fit 57 Earth's inside and still have room to spare! That's pretty big!


There are some things you need to bring to Neptune for your safety and enjoyment, such as:

- Warm winter equipment ( boots, jacket, snow pants, etc )

- Tooth brush

- Hair brush

- Change of clothes ( how much depends on how long you stay )

- Video or board games for the flight



Size of planet : 24,622 km large.

Distance from sun : 4,503,000,000 km away from the sun. It is the 8th planet awy from the sun.

Length of rotation : For the planet to rotate once around the sun it takes 165 years!

Length of day : 16 hours and 6 minutes.

Length of year : 165 Earth years.

Number of moons : 13 moons.

What is the planet made of? : The atmosphere is made of hydrogen, helium and methane. The surface is made of water and liquid ammonia.

Who discovered Neptune : Johann Gottfried Galle and Heinrich Louis D'arrest discovered Neptune first.

How did Neptune get it's name? : The planet was named Neptune after the Roman god of the sea because of it's blue color, and because it's made of water.

How long would it take to get to Neptune? : 12 years.


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Just so you know this is a school project, it is not real. But you can still learn about Neptune!