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All you have to do is follow the instructions

Classroom Instructions

1. Tardy Policy

2. Bell Work

3. 10/10 Rules

4. Attendance recorded in 1st ten minutes

5. Dress Code

6. Cell Phones / Electronic Devices

Can't be out

Can't be on

7. Focused Work Area

8. Bell to Bell Instruction

9. No Food or beverages in classroom


Welcome to AP

Welcome to AP US History. This course is a rigorous examination of AP US History in preparation for the

AP Exam in May. The AP exam is a difficult one and the best students in the country take this course.

It will be the most challenging and rewarding History course you have taken thus far in your academic career.

The course will be conducted as a college seminar with a great deal of class discussion and greater responsibility on you than perhaps any course you have taken thus far in High School. In addition to the academic content, the class will work on developing skills that are necessary to do well on the exam and will benefit you in your future academic life. These skills include writing analytically, interpreting historical documents, evaluating history from multiple perspectives, and speaking skills.