The Nile River

The longest river in the world

Kiara k. and Natalie a.

Daily life


The Egyptians used the Nile to transport goods and animals. When they sail through the river the sails are up when their going south but when they go north the sails are down and they follow the rivers current.


The Egyptians had 365 days,12 months,30 days. They also gatherd the wheat by the NIle.


~Nile River flows from North to South

~ The NIle River is 4,135 miles long

daily life

farm work began in the fall

made wine

plowing homes made from mud /mud bricks

uc hunt

hunt hippos and crocodiles

The bad thngs

Hippopotamus scrounge the river for moving boats they are very violent they would try to kill the people that travel on the nile .

The locus will come once a while to feed on crops and takes away the Egyptians well made crops.

the fascinating views

Learning fun facts of the nile

Fun facts

-The Nile is located in the second biggest continent Africa .

- the word nile comes from a Semitic word called nahal.

-longest river in the world.