Sustainable development-exploring and acting localy

Youth Exchange, Lorca (Murcia), Spain, 14-21 September 2015


14th - 21st September 2015


Lorca (Murcia), Spain

Country involved

4 Eiropean Countries

The Youth Exchange

The context of this exchange is based on the reality of the societies in which participants live. All are different, but at the same time all of them are facing the need to "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (report of the World Commission on Environment and Development - Butland Commission - Our common future.- UN 11/12/1987) "

“SOS community” seeks transformation, provoking the change in the social structure and patterns of thinking, refers to the task of developing the possibilities of action of each individual to act constructively in the cultural, social, political and economic level, under a shared commitment to sustainable development and responsible consumption ...

Objectives and learning goals for the participants:

  • Analyze the management and distribution of different resources
  • Explore different models of production and consumption and evaluate its consequences
  • Know and share the different realities and views surrounding the various participants
  • Analyze the environmental impact of our current development model
  • Meet new models of production and resource management
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Live an international learning experience

Through activities such as:

  • Visiting local production of native species and biological farms
  • Discovering personal carbon footprint

  • Research on the origin of the products we consume regularly

  • Analyze the degree of influence of the economy development model

  • Planning actions in our local communities (raising awareness, personal action plans)

  • Open new ways for self-employment

The Youth exchange will be based on the principles of Non formal education. The participants will share, explore, learn through experiential learning, learning by doing, peer-to-peer learning, group work, etc.


  • between 18-24 age, preference to Young people with fewer opportunities
  • 6 per country + Group leader (ensuring gender balance)ñ
  • willing to share the results of the Youth Exchange in his/her local community after the YE


If you want to become part of this project, please send to the mandate and the PIF until Thursday.

For further questions, I'll be available at the same email.