Toddler 2 Zoo News

May 13th-May 17th 2013

Water Week!

Summer weather has finally arrived! We have enjoyed these hot summer days by having a water week! We did several fun activities that focused on being outside with water! We "painted" the playground with water and filled up the water tables with ice to dig into and watch melt! After all the ice melted we sat down outside to read our book of the week, Zoomer's Summer Snow Storm! We were bummed that the cool weather didn't allow us to have water day today! However; we still had a lot of fun on the playground and we got to splash around a little bit in some warm water that was put into our water tables!
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Thank goodness it's Friday!

It has been a busy week! Bonnie decided to start nap time a little early today!

We hope you have a wonderful summer! It has been a pleasure working with these awesome kids!


Don't forget, Thursday May 23rd from 4:30-7:30 is Grace's annual carnival! Be sure to come out for free family fun! Make sure to R.S.V.P at 348-1029!