Good Impressions

5 Ways To Make A Good First Impression

1. Look good

Despite the popular saying "Don't judge a book by its cover," many people do judge others based on appearance. Even if you don't want to dress up, at least make sure that your dress reflects how you would want people to think about you. Another good tip - have good hygiene. People are more willing to interact with you if you are not greasy and smelly.
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2. Be Positive

Smile! You're on camera! No, not really, but it can feel that way when talking with someone for the first time. Having a genuine smile and an upbeat attitude will work wonders when talking with pretty much anyone. There is nothing that will ruin a conversation more than a grumpy person who keeps on complaining about anything and everything. Be happy.
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3. Mind Your P's and Q's

Being polite is another great way to get people to like you. Just a simple thing like saying please and thank you makes people see you as trustworthy. Good manners and being humble are sure to leave a good impression on your newfound acquaintance.
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4. Listen

People who at least think you are listening are more likely to befriend you. To achieve this, make sure you have good posture and maintain eye contact. Lean forward partway into the conversation and the speaker will think that you are interested in what they have to say. Ask questions and engage them when they finish. Nod your head.
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5. Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself automatically makes you seem trustworthy in a stranger's eyes. After all, people who do untrustworthy things aren't likely to come up and tell you their name. As well as making you a trustworthy person, introducing yourself also is a good icebreaker as it incites people to introduce themselves in turn and start up a conversation.
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