Top 5 Videos Games of All Time

That Ive played

Number 5

Lego Star Wars for the Playstation 2. The first game I ever played and was one of the best.

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Number 4

The NCAA series was a great series that I still play today, with great gamemodes, graphics and gameplay, this game deserves a spot.

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Number 3

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a game popular among my friends and myself, a game we could play together and have tons of fun doing it.
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Number 2

The Call of Duty series is one of the few games that my friends and I could play online with each other. With survival game modes to ranking up in multiplayer, this game was great to play with friends.

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Number 1

The battlefield series is a game where me and my friends could drive tanks around putting holes in buildings, driving jets around and clearing the skies, and transporting troops in helicopters, this game has it all. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is great and the online makes it the best game I have ever played.

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