The Naturalization Process

Cameron, Brandon, and Tim

Beginning the Process

First things first, the applicant must sign a statement saying they are beginning the naturalization process. This is filed to the USCIS then the person interested in citizenship waits 5 years for the next step. While waiting, they can take classes to prepare for citizenship.

Interview and Examination

After the paperwork is checked, the alien interviews with a USCIS official. The interview is just to be sure the alien meets the requirements to become a citizen. Next, the applicant must take an exam on reading, writing, speaking english, and basic history facts. Then, the USCIS can make a decision.

Oath of Allegiance

The final step, if the applicant is accepted, is to attend a ceremony and pledge an oath of allegiance. They swear to be loyal to the country above all others, to obey the constitution and laws, and to perform certain duties if needed. The person signs a document and is declared a citizen.