Please Stop Laughing at Me

Adriel Lemaire

Book Summary

My book is Please Stop Laughing at Me. This novel is about a girl named Jodee Blanco who was constantly bullied. She moved schools multiple times throughout her years in High School and everywhere she went she would get more and more afraid of a new start because she was bullied constantly throughout her other schools. Jodee said ¨What a desperate, pathtic fool I was. Time after time my ¨friends¨ had shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain¨ (pg. 128). Jodee also had a deformation in her breasts one of them was bigger than the other, during the summer before her senior year she got a boob job to fix her breasts. Jodee parents never really addressed her situation going on at the school and she never stood up for herself. At the end of the book, Jodee was invited to a high school reunion she spent tons of time in her car when she got there debating on whether she would go in or not, she decided to take a big step and go see all those faces that ruined her self confidence when she got in there, everyone who bullied her apologized and she realized that people do change.

Character Analysis

Jodee is a kind hearted girl. She only means well, everyone picks on her. Jodee is very different and depressed. I believe that jodee is living in her own depression and feelings and she just keeps everything bottled up, but in the end everything came together for her. As jodee says ¨ When your victim of any kind of abuse, you can do one of the two things. You can learn how to turn your pain into purpose and make a difference in the world, or you can allow it to extinguish the light inside you¨ (pg. 213)

Conflict/ resolution

I feel that the conflict could be either character vs. character or character vs. self. My reasoning for choosing these two is because I feel like she there is conflict between herself and her feelings. She doesn't stand up for herself and i think she tries but shes too scared or she overthinks and in my opinion that was one of the biggest conflicts. I also chose character vs character because she is non stop attacked i would say by these children at her school and terrorized and they do it because she doesn't stand up for herself and she just takes it. Jodee did not say this quote but I feel that it fits this well ¨ Jodee, you can overcome sadness, loneliness, even terrible loss but guilt goes with you to the grave¨ (pg.113).


The message I took and everyone else should take from this novel is, the past is the past and the present is the present, but the future holds so much more than you expect. As Jodee says ¨I’ve been blessed. Despite getting knocked down so many times, God keeps putting people in my corner at just the right time who give me the courage and strength to come out for one more round. Often, the opponent isn’t another fighter, but my own self-doubt¨ (pg. 212).

Textual Evidence

My favorite part of the novel is the part I hate the most. My favorite part of this novel for me is when Jodee was on vacation and showed her chest area to some boy that she had met there. In my opinion i think it was wrong of her to show her chest to him but i also think that it is sending a good message to young to teenage girls thee days, which is be confident with the body you have, whether you have a deformity or you have some weight in you or if your hairy it doesn't matter, just be confident in your own skin. ¨I soaked the bloodstains and mud off my clothes in the tub before she got home. If I had to cry, I turned the stereo on so no one could hear me. When anyone asked how school was going, I said everything was terrific and that id never been happier” (pg.69), this is my favorite quote in this book because it expresses so much emotion and just digs deep and makes you want to cry when you read it and you always want something with that kind of emotion.

Book review

In a star rating, I would give this book a 4-star rating. I would definitely recommend this to peers and people outside if school as well. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 because the book was amazing but i fell like it needed to be more in depth and have more emotion. I feel that it should of explained how she was feeling a lot more then it did.
Dark Enough (Original Song)

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