Welcome Back to Lincoln!

August 10th, 2020

Message from Mrs. K

Hello Lincoln families! I am so excited to meet you all and welcome you back to school. All of our staff have been hard at work, prepping and planning for a successful and safe start. We appreciate your patience in waiting to hear how back-to-school traditions have been adjusted to accommodate safety procedures. Some things will look different this year, but we are dedicated to making the year a memorable one!

In partnership,

- Mrs. Kirkwold

Meet the Teacher Night & Class Lists

Because we cannot accommodate the amount of people who usually join us for Meet the Teacher while keeping socially distant, Meet the Teacher Night will go virtual this year. Teachers are creating videos to help introduce themselves to your students, and these will be released with class lists on Friday, August 14th. Please send your student(s) with their supplies on the first day of school.

First Day is August 20th!

Students will be greeted at the doors (whether they arrive by bus or by drop-off) by our staff, ready to take them inside and show the way to their new classrooms. Parents will not be able to accompany students inside the building, so it may be helpful to talk with your student about what your drop-off may look like.

*** Families with Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students: specific instructions for arrival will come from teachers soon. ***


In an effort to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, we are limiting visitors to our building at this time. Late students, early pick-ups, or dropping off forgotten material will need to happen in the front office only. Sadly, this also means we won't be able to host visitors for lunch with students until further notice. We don't have enough space to properly separate additional people in our lunchroom, and students will be eating without masks. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to keep both our students and staff as safe as possible during this time.

Arrival & Dismissal

On any typical school day, the doors at Lincoln will be unlocked at 7:45am for students to have breakfast and some time with peers before school begins at 8:15am. Please do not drop students off earlier, as there will be no adult available to supervise students and the doors will be locked. Again, parents will need to drop students off at the door, but will not be able to enter as we are limiting visitors in buildings during this time.

Students being picked up at the end of the day will be seated in the lunchroom and will be called outside to meet their car when it arrives. Parents will not be able to come in to pick up their student as has happened in the past. To assist with this process, please:

  • pull all the way up to the sign or the car in front of you,
  • for the first few weeks, consider making a large sign with your child's/children's names clearly written (8.5x11 paper would be great) to post on the front right dash or window, and
  • pull out carefully, being aware of cars and students in our parking lot.

Masks and Water Bottles

Masks are required for all students and staff at this time. We know that many students this age will need breaks from mask wearing, and teachers are already planning times in their day that students can be at a safe distance while taking a "mask break." Masks will NOT be required during any outdoor learning or recess times, nor will it be possible to eat with masks on. Students will be placing their masks in a provided bag while not wearing them. If you would like to send your own container for this purpose, you may certainly do so - just be sure to label it.

If you are able to start introducing mask wearing now, it would greatly help with your student's comfort and stamina. Please see the graphic included below regarding mask types. Any mask should be washed nightly (or, if you are able, have one per weekday and wash on the weekends) in order to be effective.

Water fountains have been turned off to avoid additional common touch points, but water bottle refilling stations (which have a motion sensor) will still be available. We highly recommend sending your student with a reusable, labeled water bottle daily. Please choose one that your child can operate on their own and can be closed tightly to avoid spills. Water bottles will be sent home nightly to be washed, so please make refilling it in the morning part of your daily routine.

Big picture


To report an absence, please call or email the Lincoln office (contact information at the bottom, also linked on our Lincoln home page). You can alert the classroom teacher if you wish, but they will not be responsible for reporting absences to our office and nurse. When you call or email to report an absence, please include symptoms so that our nurse can follow up with you as needed.