CNP News

Week of April 15th, 2019

The Home Stretch

As we enter the final stretch of the school year we know there is a lot to do and our time is dwindling. Please make the most of this time as we still have work to do to help our kiddos! Remember that field trips need to be put in well ahead of time as we are short on bus drivers to take us places! Most importantly remember to have fun and continue to build those relationships with your students! You may be the only positive adult in their life!
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Interesting Read

I came across this article and I couldn't help but think it would be a good read for our Expectations/Behaviors committee. The more I thought about it I thought it would be a good read for everyone, and a great discussion starter!


I have had several people already sign up, but still have several more that need to send me at least two dates and times for observations. I'll look at those and send you a calendar invite for one that will work. You can also stop by my office and we can just schedule one. Please schedule a time soon. My schedule is filling up with end of the year meetings, case conferences, planning for next year, grant meetings, subbing for classes.......etc! Thanks!

Walkthrough Feedback

I have asked a couple people if they would be willing to let me try out a feedback form in their rooms when I walk through. If you'd be willing as well please see me or email me and I can give you more info. This form is non-evaluative and is for you to get more frequent feedback. It could also be used as evidence for your final evaluations if you so choose. It is a google form that is generic as of now, but with your feedback I'd like to make it a worthwhile form that you could find useful.

Upcoming Morning Meetings

Tuesday morning @ 7:50: Discuss PBL training/dates, end of year reminders

Thursday and Friday morning @ 7:45: Watch a keynote video and discuss our vision and where we want CNP to head in the future.

Wednesday I.A. Meeting

We will have to move this to either Tuesday or Thursday this week. I will be at a class in Indy on Wednesday. Please let me know what time will work best for you all and I'll try to make it work the best I can for everyone.
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Keep having fun and love what you do! When it's not fun and your love is gone, it's probably time to move on! Thanks for being an awesome staff and loving kids! I appreciate all of your hard work!