Panama Canal

Transportation Gateway !!!

Facts of the Canal

The Panama Canal was designed to create a shortcut for trading routes, this particular shortcut connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The building of this Canal began in 1904 and ended in 1914, the worker population began at 40,000 workers and by the end roughly 50% of them passed. This trading route saved traders 3,000 miles. Involved in this project is locks that transfers the boat from different levels to get to the level of the water ahead of them.

Dates of the Canal

In the 1500's Spanish explorers wanted to create an artificial water route. Then in 1881 a french company attempts to build a canal across Panama and fails. 1903 Panama declares independence from Columbia; Canal rights are granted to the U.S.. Then in 1977 a treaty with the U.S. grants ownership of the Canal zone to Panama, which led to 1999 the date of which Panama is granted complete control of the Canal. Next in 2006 Panama voted to expand the Canal so larger boats could fit through which led to, 2014 the expansion of the the Canal is scheduled for completion.

Picture of Canal in Action

This is a boat going through the Panama Canal as you can see

Benefits of the Panama Canal

Since the route is shorter, it saves a lot of money, fuel and since it's less trouble to trade the material it keeps the prices down.

Interesting Facts of the Canal

Did you know it cost 425,000,000 to get through the Canal? Well it does. It also takes about 8-10 hours to get through the Canal.