L33T Index; Front End Developer

Kelso Jones

Job Role;

At Kelso Jones we're looking for a innovative and passionate Front End Developer whom will be working for a client who paves the way for the youth market and hosts over 150 major brands!
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Specific Skills Required;

Experience in building well-crafted and fully functional websites are a necessity for this role to be fulfilled. Having the experience and the ability to construct a fully functional and working website is an absolute essential for being applicable for this role. This is because in your role as a Front End Developer you could be asked to create a website and if you cannot do this then you might not be seen as the right person for the job.

Creating efficient code, using a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are essential skills.

You should also be a proficient user of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word and Outlook.

General and Soft Skills Required;

General Skills;

Strong Communication skills are a must in this role; this is mainly because you'll be in constant contact with co-workers and management so being able to convey your ideas and give progress reports on your current piece of work are a necessity. If you aren’t able to communicate effectively then if you get into difficulties regarding the completion of your work then you might refrain from asking someone and if you don’t ask for the help you might require it’ll look bad on you and could even cast a cloud of doubt over your abilities.

Having a strong work ethic and drive to produce the best piece of work you could possibly produce is essential. You'll also need to be able to produce these high quality pieces of work to a deadline and within a time limit.

Soft Skills;

Being able to work to under pressure is a must, this is because you'll be given a deadline to complete your work and you'll be expected to complete all work within the time limit. However all work must be of a high and premium quality. Being able to work under pressure and getting the work complete shows a degree of reliability and that when you’re given these pieces of work and a deadline you’re reliable and able enough to meet the deadline at all costs. This is important for the company as they might have clients waiting for a specific piece of work that you’re tasked with creating and failure to meet the deadline will result in the customer being disappointed with the level of service and could result in the not purchasing from your company again.

You should also be organised, this applies to the equipment you may need, your time and any other resources you could potentially need.

Contact Info;

For additional information e-mail us at; hello@kelsojones.co.uk

Additionally, call us on; 0115 922 5040