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Portland, Maine May 20, 2215

Conflict-Love is a Sickness

Lena is counting down the days until her procedure. She is elated that she will never have to feel love and can free herself from ever contracting the "disease." However, Alex comes into the picture. Lena is an average seventeen year old girl who does not consider herself special. She is about to rid herself of ever feeling love but she is torn between this and the fact that she is attracted to a boy named Alex. Falling in love is forbidden but Lena is willing to break all the rules to be with Alex. He is a conflict to what society wants him to be. He causes Lena to decide not to give up her ability to love.

Delirium Movie

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In a world where love is considered a crime, Lena Halloway is awaiting the day of her procedure. Lena and her best friend, Hana, are eager to to be cured so they will never fall in love. However, what happens if Lena falls in love before getting the cure? The old Lena would never dream of falling in love, but that was before she met Alex. Amor Delira Nervosa also known as love , is the most life threatening disease ever, and Lena has the illness.

Based on the New York Times best seller by Lauren Oliver, Delirium the movie is coming to a theater near you. Watch this movie and see for yourself the dangerous effects of love.

"Love, it kills you and saves you, both" - Lauren Oliver

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" You can't be happy unless you're unhappy sometimes" - Lauren Oliver

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R.I.P. Alex Sheathes

Alex Sheathes was born in The Wilds and died in Portland, Maine. Alex was killed at the age of 19 by gunshot due to his refusal to obey authorities. His courageous acts were all because of his love for Lena Halloway. He wanted society to accept love the way he did, but unfortunately, he died before this change occurred, The way Alex died for love inspired more people to join the Resistance. The Resistance had a great effect on the world. Today, people throughout America can love freely. Alex would have loved to see how his dream is now a reality. Alex will be remembered as a brave leader of the Resistance.

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