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Sept. 2018

Adams Elementary

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A note from the Principal

It’s hard to believe we are already at the midway point of the first quarter in the 2018-2019 school year. It has been a wonderful start as students, staff, and parents embrace the school’s theme this year to “Choose Kind.” Thank you to the Adams PTS for redecorating the staff dining area and for painting the mural on the wall in the front entrance. Both of these things are welcome additions to Adams Elementary. We appreciate their continued support!

We are changing the car rider drop-off and pick-up location in an effort to address safety concerns and lessen the back-up on Stop 11 Road. We have worked with the FTCSC police to devise a plan that should help us do just that. Information and a map will be sent home with all students and will be on our Facebook page. The new entrance/exit door for car riders will be 9E, which is on the east side of the building and faces the soccer fields. Traffic will enter the parking lot and come around the back of the building in the same place as the old traffic pattern, but instead of turning left to drop off/pick up cars will drive straight on the access road that runs between the school and the soccer fields. Students will enter and exit cars from the left side (driver’s side) of the car. The gate will open at 8:30 AM to allow cars behind the school and again at 2:45 PM to prepare for dismissal.

As you are exiting the access road into the main parking lot, please keep in mind that buses have the right of way.

As with any change, we are anticipating the need to make a few tweaks to the process. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this process to increase safety for all.

Finally, just a short word about the English/Language Arts grades on the upcoming students’ midterms. Due to modeling and practicing of beginning of the year procedures with independent structures in the classroom, there were not enough assignments and assessments for a fully reflective grade at this time. Students are working on increasing their reading and writing stamina and are doing both of these things for longer times each day. We thank you for your help at home in these areas. If you have concerns about your child’s progress in E/LA please address these with your child’s teacher.

Jaci Greig


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Textbook Rental

Parents: Book fees have been posted to student accounts. You may send in cash or check to the school or pay online with a credit card at

Book rental is past due. Please call the office if you need to set up a payment plan.

K - $119.27

1st - $146.01

2nd - $121.54

3rd - $132.28

4th - $133.55

5th - $128.66

Volunteers needed

We are in need of a few volunteers for picture day on September 5th. If you have some free time that morning we would love your help. You can sign-up via the sign-up genius page using this link,

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Vision Screening


On Tues September 25th, the Marion County Health Dept. will be at Adams Elementary to perform vision screening. All children in the first grades, third grades, fifth grades, and students who are new to Marion County, and children from other grades suspected of having a vision problem will be screened this day. Please mark your calendars for this important day. If your child already wears glasses, please be sure that they are wearing them for the screening. If you would like to decline having your child's vision screened, please contact me, and I will send home a decline form for you to complete for your child.

Natalie Davis BS RN

Community Health Network School Nurse

Adams Elementary

7341 E Stop 11 Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46259

Ph: 317-860-4289

Fax: 317-862-7255

A note from the Guidance Counselor

“I did it myself!” is one phrase children love to say when they are proud of themselves for accomplishing a task on their own. Even seemingly simple tasks like getting dressed without help, tying their shoes, or opening a pre-packaged item at lunch play an important role in child development. When children learn new skills, and practice and persevere until they accomplish the skill, they are learning that they are capable. Capable of learning and doing new things, even things that seem hard at first. The feelings of pride and accomplishment they experience when they succeed at the task also contribute to increased self-confidence and belief in themselves.

Besides, wouldn’t it be great if your child could tie her own shoes, rather than waiting for an adult to do it? And then she could even help tie other children’s shoes? And it would be wonderful if your child could open his own Lunch-able, rather than have to wait his turn for the lunchroom monitor to come over to do it. These are just a couple of examples of the practical benefits, in addition to the developmental benefits, of teaching children to do simple tasks for themselves. According to Dr. Michele Borba, educational psychologist and parenting expert, we can teach children new skills by following these three steps: teach, guide, step back.

1. Teach your child how to do the task.

2. Step to the side and guide your child (watching - not taking over - to ensure that your son or daughter can do the task).

3. Finally, step back when your child has mastered the skill. It’s now time to teach another life skill or task.

What skills or tasks would it be helpful for your child to learn? When would be a good time to start teaching that skill (probably not in the morning before school)? Consider letting your child’s teacher know what skill or task your child is learning so that the teacher can encourage your child to practice it at school.

Car Riders

We are working on new procedures for car riders. Please look for flyers to come home later this week with important information.

Thank You from PTS

Special thanks to everyone that participated in the Summer Splash after-school fundraiser. We had a ton of fun. Be on the look-out for a communication to come home to those that attended on how we are going to utilize the funds from that event to improve our school! Our next activity is Harry Potter and is planned for October 26th we hope to see you there!

Veteran's Day Program

Adams Elementary will be hosting a Veteran’s Day program on November 9th.

(More information will be sent home at a later date.)

To help us prepare for this program please send a copy of your family member in uniform

or email them to Please do not send in originals.

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Infinite Campus

Existing Students

It is important that we have updated information on your returning FTCSC student, including health information, consent to treat if ill, emergency contact information, etc. Information may now be updated at home using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. We will no longer be sending paper packets for you to complete. Please log onto your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and follow the steps below:

  • Step One: Log in to the Infinite Campus parent portal
  • Step Two: Follow the instructions detailed here
  • Step Three: If there has been a change of address from the previous school year, enter the new address in the online application and provide required documents(proof of residency, immunizations, and birth certificate) to the front Office at Adams.

New Students

If you do not have your Infinite Campus PARENT portal login information, please e-mail from an e-mail account registered with the school. Please note, the request must come from the registered email address to verify identities.

A parent portal account must be set up to view grades.