Ancient Greece Funk

By: Simine Rahimi

The Problem with "Power to the People"

Sure, Democracy is a great thing! You can vote and have your say in things yada yada yada, and I understand that people like power. I like having power too! I'm a citizen as well, but lets think about this for a minute. Why do people vote? For their own benefit! We want a say in how to run our society because we want what benefits our individual selves. How are we suppose to unite when we are all rooting for a certain side to a situation just to serve our own satisfaction? Furthermore, lets be honest, humans are stupid. We have irrational fears that we want to run from and that can distract us from what we really should do to help our city, but we only want to help ourselves. I'm not saying I have a solution to our governments way of running things in a more fluid way, I'm simply stating the fact that 'Democracy' is not the solution. The majority may win the vote, but what about the minority? What if they have a good explanation to justify vote in a dangerous situation but nobody listens to them? We should act as one city and listen to each other, not like the bunch of selfish power-hungry beings we are. Show some unity Athens!

- Anonymous