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Week 4, 9/18-9/22: Module 2 continued

What's Coming Up This Week

This week is the second half of Module 2: The Atom. Be sure to stay on pace! If you have a hard time with electron configurations or nuclear equations please let me know. Check the tutorials in the Announcements and you can text me or message me in the course to ask questions. If you finish Module 2 early, get started on Module 3.

Remember, you're supposed to be contacting me at least one time per week. :-)

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Check Out These Resources!

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Electron Configuration Tutorial

This is a great tutorial that will help you with electron configurations if you are struggling with them. Take some time to check it out-especially the fun song at the end!

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Have Questions? READ The Announcements!

The Announcements are an EXCELLENT source of information! I put lots of goodies in there such as tutorials, a To-Do List, a Celebration of you or a classmate, and important updates. If you're struggling with a topic CHECK HERE FIRST for a tutorial. Plus, every now and then there are extra credit opportunities. Woo hooooo!

Module 2 Is Due This Friday 9/22 @ 11:59pm

· Assignments are due by Module, and always on Fridays at 11:59pm.

· Module 2 is due Friday, September 22nd at 11:59pm.

· Late point deductions will be applied to late assignments after that time. The Honors Chemistry Department has determined that is ample time for students added the 10th day to catch up and be on pace. At that time all late assignments are deducted 10 points for each week they are late up to a maximum of 50 points. You can read that policy HERE under the Late Policy tab at the bottom.

How To View Feedback On Your Assignments

Here is a screencast (http://screencast.com/t/srxqo6UXS) to show you how to check the feedback on your assignments. Be sure to use the feedback to help you correct assignments and then you can resubmit for a higher grade.


You will use Gizmos from explorelearning.com to complete the lab portion of this course. Please use one of the following logins every time you login. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE USERNAME OR PASSWORD.


PASSWORD: toy322



PASSWORD: dig354

If a Gizmo isn't working or loading properly please go to the System Requirements & System Test Page (https://explorelearning.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204958120-System-Requirements-and-Systems-Test-Page) . There you can run a System Test to see if there are any updates you have to make to your browser.

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