Thanksgiving Learning Adventure

What is my child learning this week?

Essential Question: Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Over the next 5 days, your child will be learning about the significance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Because our short break is quickly approaching, we want for your children to come home with a basic historical understanding of why Thanksgiving is so important for our culture. They will have a new found appreciation for the holiday, tradition, and history of our country's ancestors.
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Day by Day Lesson Breakdown

Please look at the tab labeled "Helpful Tools" on our class website, Thanksgiving Learning Adventure, to understand what your child's lesson introduction will look like. This will be presented to the class on Friday before the lesson starts the following week.

Activities for Daily Questions:

Your child has access to all of the printables and links using the thanksgiving learning adventure website. This is a simple explanation of each activity, which your child will be hearing during class time. All materials for these projects have already been provided through the school and through the beginning of the year packs that you sent your child to class with. No additional supplies or parental guidance will be needed for in-class activities!

Final Project

How has Thanksgiving changed?

This is a project that your child should work on over the break. Each student must fill out this chart to compare the differences and similarities between the Thanksgiving holiday next week and the first Thanksgiving. This will work as a brainstorming activity for your child. After they have completed this venn diagram, they must pick their favorite thing about the holiday that has changed (or that has not changed). Your child must bring a visual representation of this to class and explain to everyone how it has changed and why he or she chose that topic.

Opportunities for Extention

Further your child's knowledge and explore future life aspirations with the following resources and activities.

Along with the skills in Math, Writing, History, and Science that our classroom has gained from this week, use the following opportunities to continue your child's interest in the lesson over the holiday break.
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