Accelerated and Gifted Education

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Definition of a Gifted Student

Gifted Student - a student who demonstrates a high degree of intellectual and/or creative ability(ies), exhibits an exceptionally high degree of motivation, and/or excels in specific academic fields, and who needs special instruction and/or special ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with his or her abilities. (SBOE Rule 160-4-2-.38, p. 1)

Characteristics of Gifted Children

Gifted children are diverse and not all students exhibit the same characteristics all of the time, below is a list of general characteristics:

  • Excellent memory
  • Alertness, keen to detail
  • Abstract and complex thinking
  • Longer attention span
  • Vivid imagination
  • Highly sensitive
  • Developed curiosity
  • Keen sense of humor
  • Unusually large vocabulary

Tips for Teachers-Working with high ability children

1. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of gifted students.

2. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

3. Conduct informal assessments

4. Collaborate with parents of Gifted students

5. Utilize outside resources: National Association for Gifted Children, David Institute for Talent Development, and the communities tab on the collaboration tool on the employee portal page.

How can a student qualify?

Students are identified and placed in gifted education based on criteria established by the Georgia General Assembly and the state Board of Education. Students who transfer from gifted education programs within the state will be placed into the Gwinnett program, providing the original placement was correctly completed. Students who transfer from out of state must meet Georgia requirements.

There are two ways eligibility can be established:

Option 1, the Psychometric Approach: The student may qualify on the basis of mental ability and achievement assessment results only (regardless of the assessment results in creativity and motivation). In this case the mental ability test score must be a composite or full-scale score. The composite score must be at the 99th percentile for students in grades K-2. The composite score may be at the 96th percentile or higher for students in grades 3-12. In addition, students (grades K-12) must meet at least one of the achievement standards described in the SBOE Rule 160-4-2-.38: 90th percentile Total Reading, 90th percentile Total Math, 90th percentile total achievement test battery, or superior product/performance assessment. No student may qualify on the basis of a mental ability test score alone.

Option 2, the Multiple-Criteria Approach: The student may qualify by meeting the standards in any three of the four data categories: mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation. at least one of which must be on a nationally-normed standardized test.

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