Hebrew School News

Morah Audrey Hillel

Dear parents,

It's been a wonderful beginning to a new Hebrew School year. The children have been able to explore holidays, tefillah, Parashiot, mitzvoth and Hebrew letters.
During Roshashanah we had a great activity; where the children visited different centers and learned all about the holiday. For Sukkot the Rabbi came and explained all about the Holiday and how we celebrate it. We also got to make a yummy edible sukkah and decorations too.
In Hebrew we have introduced the letters aleph through dalet.
The children are all hard workers and enthusiastic learners.
I'm very happy to have your children in my class and am looking forward to an incredible fun filled year of learning and Jewish experiences.

Have a great day

Kids For Kosher Food Bank

This year students will continue participate in collecting needed food items for the Kids For Kosher Food Bank. Monthly food lists will be posted on the news letter.The JCS Kosher Food Bank greatly depends on your participation to combat hunger in our community – one item, one meal, one person at a time.

This month items are:

*Cranberry sauce


*Toys (ages 0-18 years old)

*Hanukkah candles

*Jams & jelly

We will also have a tzedakah box in our class and we will be happy to donate your spare change to one of our mitzvah projects.