The Midwest Region

by jeremy

Midwest econimy

Iron is an important part of the Midwest region because we make some toys with it from iron.It is important because we yous it for steel.mining is the bigest job in the Midwest that why we have allot of iron in this region.we yous steel to creat elevator a other tings.

steel was yoused for creating car and trackters.steel was vary expensev back in the old dayes but know steel is a littel espensiv. steel in the Midweas is runing outbecause we yous it forsomany things.stell is the most hardest ting to find becus you make it with iron.

the reason we you steel for metal not goust creat stof.the Midwest region got its lakes by glachers that molde because the wher mekted there.the farmes in the MIbweast wher small but the time had past and they got biger.the whey we mind is with jient holes that we created whit boldosers.

we yoused steel to creat bildig andsky skrapers.we crated ca moters with steel and wer created by people but they yousedsteel for ronwayse to creat cares.we yousedsteel to creat big boats like the titanik.