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February 20, 2020

Click here to take the BrightBytes Survey

If you haven't already taken this survey, please do so. The survey is for all teachers and administrators and takes 10-15 minutes.

Feb 27- Digital Learning Day

February 27 is Digital Learning Day. We are trying to highlight cool digital learning on Twitter that day, so if you have something planned, please let me know!

Strive - Use Goals to Track Growth

Goal setting is the first step in working toward improvement and growth. Setting goals is a process with continued review and feedback over the course of implementation. In Strive, goals are not just statements to create at the start of school and check at the end of the year. Professional goals are interactive elements for incorporating evidence and tracking progress to engage conversation about growth between teachers and their appraisers.

Here is a document that highlights the different stages/steps of a Strive goal. Don't forget, you should be adding evidence (Step 3) to goals contained in Strive so that you can track your progress!

State of the Chromebooks

Damaged and Out for Repair:

  • Sam Houston is missing 2 computers right now with swollen batteries.
  • Southwestern #1 has been missing for MONTHS.
  • Navy has 3 out for swollen batteries
  • #2 from Austin College is out for Repair


  • Sam Houston had one computer is a victim of a student picking off keys and removing labels. It has been repaired and returned.

If the cart you reserved isn't waiting for you when you go to get it DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER CART WITHOUT RESERVING IT! That creates a cycle of despair that nobody has time for. Please stop doing this.

BETTER EdPuzzle in Canvas!

You guys! The district got us the Edpuzzle LTI for Canvas. What does that mean? It means you don't need to set up classes in EdPuzzle to record student results!

1- Create your video with embedded questions in EdPuzzle

2- Create an assignment in Canvas, under submission type choose External Tool

3- Click Find

4- Scroll down and select EdPuzzle

5- A pop up will launch with your EdPuzzle content in it

6- select the video you want and click the eyeball in the center to "watch"

7- Click the Assign button and then click Assign again

8- Click the Select button

9- the pop up window will close and take you back to the Canvas assignment. Finish setting up details like due dates and such.

10- Save and publish

Students will need to be logged in to their Google account in their browser (if they are on Chromebooks this will not be an issue)

Once students watch the video, their results will be visible to you if you open the assignment.

(video demo below)

I also found out this week that if you are expecting kids to do edpuzzle on their phone through canvas, they will need the edpuzzle app in addition to the Canvas app.

Untitled: Feb 13, 2020 11:46 AM

Please share with Students- Student Tech Help

If students need tech help, maybe they need help getting into HAC or they are having trouble uploading something in Canvas, have them check this out. If they go to the Frisco ISD home page, and click on Students, they will see at the bottom of the page an alpha list of help topics. Under T is Tech help. This takes them to a page with information they may find useful.

This is good for new students, students leaving Frisco, and everyone in between.