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May 25th - May 29th


I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, observing the people who have died while serving in the military.

Thank you for being flexible with us while we have shifted for - hopefully - the last time this school year! Just a reminder:

  1. No new material or schoolwork will be assigned to any student after May 22nd
  2. Please check PowerSchool to see what your current grades look like.
  3. If those grades are passing, students will be considered "complete" with that class and will no have no further assigned work to do, earning a "Pass" mark. (Check grades early this coming week to see if you have a "P" or "I" in your classes.)
  4. Students should then focus on any classes where they have an "Incomplete."
  5. Students will have until Friday, June 5th, to complete any work for classes.

Again, we made this shift after engaging in a lot of outreach, listening, and assessment of the social and emotional health of our students and families. I can't say enough how thankful I am for our students and families to show such resilience during a time period we have collectively gone through together.

For 8th grade students: Recently, you should have received an email message from Principal Thompson at Grants Pass HS. Please let me know if you did not. You will be receiving another email message from Mr. Thompson introducing a program at GPHS called "GP Jump" - designed to help 8th graders "jump" into high school in a smooth way.

For 7th grade students: You should be receiving an email this week for you to forecast your classes next year. This will include the option for being an office aide, teacher's assistant, library assistant, or to enroll in advanced social studies/ELA. Other elective/exploration options are band, orchestra, AVID, leadership, Computers, Creative Design, and being a peer tutor. Stay tuned!

For 6th grade students: You will also be receiving an email in the next week to help you transition and select some elective/exploration classes for your 7th grade year.

To everyone: Be on the lookout for another Virtual Assembly and be sure to check out the Important Dates below to not miss out on any of the end-of-year awards ceremonies and when/where to pick up your Yearbook!

We will be accepting packets on Tuesday this week (Monday is a holiday) and will get those to teachers as soon as we can.

Stay healthy and have a great week!

-Mr. Sale

Important Dates

  • Trojan Follies - The show must go on! We are finishing getting submissions for this year's show. We'll release our video in a few weeks once all the editing is completed!
  • Virtual Assembly - Another one to come! Can you tell who is singing....?
  • 8th Grade Moving On Ceremony - Video to be released June 10th at 12 p.m.
  • 6th/7th Grade Awards Assemblies - Video to be released June 10th at 12:00 p.m.
  • Drive-by Parade - June 10th, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
  • Library/Textbook Return - Every day @ South MS from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Other Important Items

  • Yearbook Pick-Up - TBA
  • ChromeBook Return - TBA

Counseling Resources

1. Crisis Support Phone Numbers:
  • Options Counseling: 541-474-5360 for crisis; 541-476-2373 for info services
  • Other resources

2. Call to talk to a Counselor:

  • Ms. McGarry (A-L): 541-474-5750, ext. 50112
  • Ms. Rastellini (M-Z:) 541-474-5750, ext. 50104
  • Ms. Hull (Social Emotional Support Counselor): 541-474-5750, ext. 50151

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Suggested Schedule for Learning at Home

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