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By the beach or at your house?

To some people the think that all summer you do all summer is hang out at the beach, but when you really look at it you are mainly at your house all summer. There are the ocational trips to the beach, but you aren't there 24/7. Here is a list of what everyday people do over the summer.

-go camping

- work on schoolwork for the upcoming school year

-(adults only) go to work

- go on vacation

-visit family

- do chores

That's what normal people do over the summer.

The usual itenerary

Some people don't really get what a normal itenerary for the summer is and all they do is go all out and never have time for any true relaxation. What the normal calm itenerary would look something like this-

  • go to the family reunion- june 7th - june 9th
  • vacation bible school- june 24th- 28th
  • go to the beach- july 9th - july 16th (see the space for relaxation at home
  • go to see family in dallas and catch baseball game- august 3rd- august 10th

Don't be afraid to not have a lot going on in the summer. Just have some nice quiet time at home.

A TV star

There is a lot of things to watch during the summer but one stands out the most. Every four years there it the summer olympics. Pretty much every human being on earth who has TV watches the olympics. Unfortunately, the olympics plays every four years and the next one is in 2016. But when 2016 comes, there will be a lot of people watching TV to root for there country. GO USA!!!!

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Thanks for taking a look at the way I view summer.

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