I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!

We are learning and doing so much! I want to invite everyone to our SIT Meetings, which are the first Friday of every month from 8:30-9:00. We also would like to invite you to our Enrichment Nights at Coleman on every other Wednesday. Check out the flyers. During the warmer weather, please remind students to dress appropriately including: closed toe sandals with backs and short sleeve shirts (sleeveless is not allowed).

Have a wonderful April!


We are so excited! Our students have been working hard with increasing reading stamina and increasing sight word vocabulary. We also have been learning more about number sense and being able to count to 100 with success.

First Grade

We are now in Module 2 of Eureka Math! The lessons in this module focus on helping the children become fluent in adding and subtracting within 20. Word problems are a big focus of this module as well. In reading we are beginning our unit of study in making connections about books. The children will also learn how to write their opinion about books they read. In Science we are working on our seasons unit.

Third Grade

Welcome Spring!! The month of April started with testing. The students have worked hard and done a great job of showing off their third grade skills on the PARCC assessments. Although our daily routine has changed during testing, we have still been learning about graphs. The students have collected and plotted data by utilizing Tally Charts, Bar Graphs, and Picture Graphs. They have also created and answered questions that relate to the graphs. In reading, the students are continuing to read both fiction and non-fiction texts where fluency, accuracy, and comprehension skills are continuously reinforced. As your children continue to develop in these areas we want to reinforce the importance of reading at home and thank you for supporting your children at home. In science, we continue to learn about Electric and Magnetic Forces. Magnets are always a topic the students enjoy learning about. Enjoy the warm weather.

Fifth Grade

The 5th grade has been focusing on dividing and multiplying decimals in math using the Eureka Math method. In ELA students have been working with their reading groups as well as focusing on cause and effect, adjectives, nouns and proper nouns. In writing students finished their personal narratives and their If I were President essays. They recently finished their science unit focusing on the three states of matter and their properties. In Social Studies we will be starting our unit on the early Western Hemisphere. We will also be researching different holiday celebrations around the world starting with the country of Italy.