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What is in store for you here?

Proudly owned by sole proprietor, Brandon Sparrow, Let There Be Light has many housing furnishings and appliances for those entering their new abodes for the first time and modern replacements for those who are long-term residents. On site we also offer professional consultations with homemakers and carry a specialized staff who can assist in laying floors, dry-walling, setting up lights, and installing decor; the staff is also encouraged to provide extracurricular services to customers outside these store provisions.

How Do I Run The Business?

The business is my life's work, so to say, I take care of it as my own child and the workers who tend it. Although we do not permit a labor union, due to the lack of expansion of the franchise into chains and limited assets for investment (primarily if the business were to incur debts and hardships, profit is stored in an emergency fund to keep the business from going under or restore the condition of business enough to sell it), the staff are highly paid for their services they can provide to the business as an incentive for continued employment, but if this is not enough to sate the employees of their working condition, they are most certainly able to address concerns in our weekly performance conferences and advocate a system of solutions as well as personal interaction during off-hours to suggest improvements for the business. Inquiries for employment opportunities will be pasted in the bottom of the flyer.
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Where Do We Go From Here?

As stated, most of my own profit goes into the business's emergency fund and slows investment to a crawl. Although I was able to acquire a low-interest loan for the location and size of the business and had connections with workers eager to go into business with me, the lucrative attractions of the business are yet to be established, so how will this be done in the future? One part of this plan is that the employment will only consist of qualified individuals who enjoy their work and render their services with alacrity, this will cover the advertisement portion among the local growing house markets needing of home improvement services. The second part is establishing the uniqueness of the business from other similar businesses, we are hiring creative individuals able to design furnishings from locally recycled parts to appeal to environmentalist demand as well as create an atmosphere of awe and wonderment. The most important thing for a house to have to a homeowner, other than its functional necessities, is that it has a certain pop to it, something that makes it stand out; that is where our employees come in. We want to revolutionize the way you look at your home and hope that you will be happy to join us in our mission to provide outstanding service and innovative ideas.

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Let There Be Light

Employment opportunities are open to all, but worker consideration is highly exclusive to individuals who have degrees in majors that are beneficial to the business's operation. The creative director and the creative designer positions are limited to one of each for any undergoing project at any available time, employment duration is variable as well.